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In Vitro : Techniques to Technologies

An Inter-college Inter-disciplinary Hands-on Training Workshop

For Undergraduate Students of Science

December 14-19, 2015

The workshop is envisaged to orient students to appreciate the multitude facets of a simple technique of growing organisms in controlled environments. It seeks to provide a platform to students to be taught and guided by experts from academia and industry. Its goal is to draw students into research and encourage them to incorporate the inter-disciplinary approach in future endeavors.

Who can apply to participate: Undergraduate Students

 Number of Seats: 20

Last Date of Registration: December 10, 2015



Professor Deepak Pental

Department of Genetics, UDSC

Developments in Plant Tissue Culture and Genetic Engineering

Professor J.S. Virdi

Department of Microbiology, UDSC

Working in a Microbiology Laboratory

Professor Paramjit Khurana

Department of Plant Molecular Biology, UDSC

Plant Tissue Culture: Techniques, Technology and Transfer

Professor Amar Kumar

Department Of Botany, University Of Delhi

Genetic Transformation in Plants

Dr. Sanjay Saxena

Head, Investment, BIRAC

Industry Immersion: Lab to Land

Dr. Anuradha Agrawal

Principal Scientist, NBPGR

Conservation of Clonally Propagated Plants

Dr. Arundhati Mukhopadhyaya

Scientist, Centre for Genetic Manipulation of Crop Plants (CGMCP), Department of Genetics, UDSC

Microspore Culture

 Workshop Schedule

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