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Maitreyi is an endeavour to contribute to imparting higher education to women and groom their personality which helps them in excelling in all walks of life. Maitreyi College is proud of its alumnae who have done excellent work in every aspect including public and private sectors, education, judiciary, media, television and armed forces. They are also doing extremely well in the field of performing arts and have a great flair for expressing themselves through their writing skills.

Some of them have opted for academics as career, some are into research laboratories of National and International level. Others are holding various positions at Administrative/Management level in Government/Public and Private sector. A large number of alumnae have also made their mark as successful entrepreneurs. Our students have also performed well in the University and All India level examinations. The Maitreyi fraternity proudly acknowledges the contribution of our illustrious alumni in diverse fields. Our alumni are our pride, our glory and our joy who have not only charted their own individual journeys but have also become an inspiration for others.

Maitreyi College passionately aims to fulfil the dream of its students of becoming a distinguished professional and pride of the nation.

We wish to bring our alumnae together and connect with them at an unprecedented level.

Our Alumnae can connect with us at:



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