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The College Library is the backbone of academic and research activities at Maitreyi College.  It is designed to meet the information needs of the Maitreyi fraternity, i.e. students, faculty and staff members.  To support high quality teaching, learning and research, library has full text access to over thousands of international journals printed and online through online databases of repute.  The library is well equipped with latest IT tools and equipments to collect, store, retrieve, and disseminate information.  A number of computer systems are installed to access the library resources and services.  All major functions of the library are computerized by using a management software called ‘SOUL’ ( Software for University Libraries) , which creates a fully computerized library environment.  It provides single-window search facility to access the printed information resources available in the library.  To keep students updated about their library membership account and to search the library holdings OPAC ( Library Catalogue) an OPAC desk has set up in the Library.

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