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The college library was established with the inception of the college in 1967. According to Dr. Radhakrishnan, the library is the heart of an institution. It is also known as the "Information Centre" due to its indispensability in the research process. It occupies a two-storied building inside the College Campus. It is a user-focused center of learning resources that meets all the academic and research needs regarding learning, teaching, research, and training programs. The Library is automated using SOUL software. The Library is enriched with a vast collection of print and electronic resources in all areas of academic interest. The Library has a seating capacity of more than 150 users and a separate reading room section for faculty members.

The library has a collection of over 99157 volumes comprising of books related to various academic needs of the College fraternity. The library has a subscription of approximately 57 print journals, periodicals, national and international magazines, and 20 leading national newspapers to update the users with the latest happenings in and around the globe.

In the present era, the role of electronic media to update users cannot be ignored.  Hence, to cater to the needs of the college fraternity, the library has subscribed to some of the significant databases of e-books and e-journals viz. N-LIST. Apart from this, the users can access the online database subscribed by the Delhi University Library. The library has also taken the membership of DELNET (Developing Library Network).



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