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  1. The users must maintain silence and decorum of the Library so that other users are not disturbed.
  2. The users should verify the issued document/s before leaving the circulation counter.  Thereafter, the members will not be responsible for the documents issued to them.  In case of any discrepancy, members are advised to bring it to the notice of library officials immediately for corrective action.
  3. The “no dues certificate” will be issued only after surrendering membership card and depositing all library dues, books and other items.  The Librarian may recall any issued document at any time to meet other urgent requirements.
  4. Although the entire library staff is always there to help the users whenever it is asked for, to make the users aware of the library books, “Open access” method is used in the library, wherein the students can go to the book shelves directly and choose / find the required document.
  5. Library functions on all working days from Monday to Saturday, except Sundays and declared holidays.
  6. Borrowing facilities are available to the students against Bar-coded member-ship-cum identity card issued to them.  Books are issued from the counter on presenting the Bar-coded card.  Library membership card is not transferable.  No one is allowed to get books issued on other member’s card.
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