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Protection of Trees through Re-Circulation of Books

The printing of books for college students requires unnecessary cutting down of lakhs of forest trees every year. As an initiative for the protection of forest against unnecessary cutting of trees, Maitreyi College practices the following measures for better utilization of used books:-

  • College Library Committee recommended 5502 books for weeding out from the existing collection.  The College Governing Body directed to display these books for the students. The Books were displayed in the first week of January 2018 for the Library users and taken by the students and faculty for their use.
  • College Library also re-circulates the books given by students and faculty to needy students.
  • Library is having a book bank section to facilitate the SC/ST and weaker section students and these books are circulated to needy students as per their requirement.


Swaach Bharat Summer Internships

The NSS wing of Maitreyi College is organizing the Swacch Bharat Summer Internship, a program designed by the MHRoD. The internship commenced on 7 June 2018 under the guidance of Dr. Smriti Singh as the Nodal Officer. A team of 30 student volunteers have adopted Devli village near Saket, New Delhi. Additionally, outstation students have adopted other villages in Northeast India, UP and Uttarakhand. As a part of the internship, students undertake several activities like wall paintings, rallies, meant to raise awareness about government schemes among villagers.

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