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Maitreyi college Library


Book purchase/Acquisition terms & conditions


The following discount rates, terms and conditions are applicable for purchase/acquisition of books in the college library:



Percentage rate of discount on the printed price of the books/publications


Foreign publications (books etc)



Indian publications (books etc)



Text books



Govt. publications



Remainder books




The terms and conditions for booksellers/publishers/suppliers are:

  1. The bookseller/vendor/publisher/distributor shall submit the copy of their current years’ IT return and PAN/TAN number.
  2. All books of foreign origin, priced in foreign currency will be procured on the bank exchange rates adopted by the RBI/any nationalized bank on buying rates on the date of receipt of books along with the bill in triplicate. The vendor shall support the exchange rates charged in every bill with the certified copies of the exchange conversion rates issued by the RBI/any nationalized bank.
  3. NO supplier/distributor/Publisher shall have the sole right to supply books/publications. Notwithstanding the discount rates so decided, the college library shall have the right to procure books/publications at a higher rate(s) of discount. The Library shall have the right to procure books directly from the suppliers/distributors/ publishers on the terms and    conditions decided by the college.
  4. The supplier shall submit the bills duly recommended by the Teachers-in-Charge of the concerned subject. If the publication is text book then it should be verified by the concerned teacher, otherwise it will be treated as general book.
  5. All documents including publisher’s invoice, in case of foreign books and in case of those Indian books where the price is not printed on the book or a separate tag indicating the price has been affixed, shall be submitted by the vendor in support of price verification. In no circumstances the copy of the books in print or such bibliographical list reflecting the price of the book will be acceptable to the library in support of price verification; only latest publisher’s catalogue or purchased invoice can be accepted for price verification.
  6. The decision of the Principal in all the matters of procurement of books shall be final and binding on all concerned.
  7. Booksellers/vendor/publisher/distributor is allowed to show the books to the teacher on every Wednesday and Friday in the staff room only. Or if anyone called by teacher on any other day then kindly note that they should show the books to the concerned teacher outside the staff room.
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