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Facilities are available for team games such as Baseball/Soft Ball, Volleyball, Table-tennis, Judo, Basketball and Athletics.  Arrangements for coaching in Gymnastics, Yoga, Archery and Shooting are also available.  Baseball and Netball will be offered if a sufficient number of students opt for these.


Our College maintains two companies of NCC who are actively associated with all projects of NCC.  The NSS unit of the College is engaged in many community activities.  Chief among them are adult literacy camps, working with the Blind Relief Association and Spastics society. It also campaigns against drug abuse and is actively involved in projects related to environmental issues. 

 Note:  All students are required to join at least one of the following co-curricular activities:  NCC or NSS  or sports.

Student's Union

Maitreyi College is proud of its active, vibrant, well-balanced and responsible Students Union.  It comprises of elected representatives of the student body who undertake the task of organising co-curricular activities for various inter-and intra-college competitions.  They are guided by a group of faculty advisors who help to coordinate their activities.    Students are encouraged to join Music, Dramatics, Debate and Fine Arts Societies. 

‘Rhapsody’ the Inter-College Festival, organised by the Students Union every Year in winter is one of the most eagerly awaited events of College life.

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